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Using an App to report your fishing (or if you didn’t fish) is very similar to the previous Text/Web survey that has been running for the last 12 months. Both methods of reporting are equally easy but please note:

  • The App is currently only available to those invited to complete the survey and sent an invite token on November 1st. We aren’t allowing people from outside the study to access the App at this point in time.

  • If you are asked to complete the survey via the App and choose to help us, you will need to use the App. The previous way of completing the survey will not be available to you.

  • If you don’t want to use an App, or can’t on your device, you may resign from the survey. Please just reply STOP on our text to you.

  • The main difference from now on is you do not text us "no" if you haven’t fished, instead enter this in the app.


As an incentive to try the App, there is an extra prize draw of $200 petrol vouchers for anyone installing the App, previous winners are listed here. Prize winner will be notified December 1st.


It's simple to install the app but there are instructions below if you need them.

Initial Invitation
The invitation to report via the App will come to you from us via a text from shortcode 4989 on Friday November 1st.

Installing the App
This is something you only need to do once. The App uses only a tiny amount of space on your device. A link and invite token will be provided to you in a text. Just follow the instructions as pictured below. When you are successful an icon labelled ‘Fish Data’ will show on your home screen.

Details for the App Installation

Step 1:

Go to the website we text you and enter your invite token. It will be 3 to 6 numbers and a lower case letter.


We are using a password function as only fishers already in the study are being asked to test the app as a reporting method for now.

​Step 2:

The next page will have an “add to home screen” button. Click on this to begin installation.


​Step 3:

You will now be able to add the icon onto your smart phone home screen by clicking add.


On Android (Samsung, Motorola, etc.)


On Apple iPhone

This icon will now be on your home screen.


You can enter it to report your monthly fishing or non-fishing when you receive a notification at the beginning of the month.


At the beginning of every month we will text you a reminder to tell us about whether you have fished or not. Instead of answering on a link sent in the text, you just go to the ‘Fish Data’ icon on your home screen. You will receive text notifications from 4989 instead of 2266.


If you have not fished:
Just open the App and tell us this. Please don’t text us ‘no’ as we are using the App to collect this information now.


If you have fished:
Just open the App and go through the brief fishing questionnaire. It’s very similar to what you’ve done before and very easy. There are a few added questions due to suggestions from fishers in the study, eg, you’ll be asked how many of any species you caught how many you threw back. There is also a way to autofill your methods to save you time.

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