Data collection for the 2018/19 year is now complete and the project now continues for the next fishing year. We do hope you will continue to contribute. Your information is much appreciated, whether you have fished or not. Winners of the final prizes have been notified and updated on this web page FishingSurveySpotPrizes.

If you have been invited to take part in the 2019/20 fishing app trial you can find more information about it here>. Otherwise everything continues as usual.

  1.  Texts from us will be on the last day of each month and ask about any fishing for the last calendar month.

  2. If you haven't fished, you just text reply No and that's it for the month. All done.

  3. If you have fished, you just touch the link to go to the survey. Or you can copy the link details into your internet browser – this achieves the same thing and brings up the survey.

  4. Yes you have to fill in your fishing details yourself, but there is less detail and its very quick and easy! And you can do it at a time that suits you too!

  5. If the link doesn't work out for you, don't worry because we can email you the link.



Yes there are prizes as before. There will be a monthly draw for a case of wine (or voucher equivalent if you prefer). There will also be a major prize draw for an iPad Pro (or Samsung equivalent if you prefer) for those who stay reporting for 12 months. We notify all winners and also post their names here: FishingSurveySpotPrizes

We really do hope you will see the benefit in continuing to report to us. By entering your catch and no-catch days you join several thousand fishers like yourself in the scientific work to support and improve recreational marine fishing. More fish, bigger fish and fewer no-catch days. Support your science!


Your answers and your name and contact details are confidential to the research and are never disclosed or provided to another party, and never used for commercial purposes. You can appear in our prize draw list, but only with your permission.

What we propose to do is just keep texting to you, on the assumption that you will continue to be willing to participate. If, sadly, you wish to opt out, please just let us know you wish to stop by phone 0800 672 476 or email or just reply STOP in a reply text to us.

Once again, thank you very much for helping us with this important project. 

Marine Fishing Survey Team.


Surveying recreational fishers catch (in addition to commercial fishers) is vital to the assessment of the stock of fish and other marine life in New Zealand. The information is used to better understand the situation of different species in our waters, and to help in the sustainable management of our fisheries.

The survey is all about the general public's recreational fishing in New Zealand's coastal waters. As a survey participant, we are most interested to find out if you went marinefishing (any method at all) in any given month, and if you did, what was caught. We are also interested to hear if you didn't go fishing, because this is how we build a statistical picture of our fisheries. We are surveying very avid fishers, and people who fish infrequently.All answers are equally important to us.



If we text out to you, please reply with a NO (if you haven't fished) or click the link to go to your monthly survey. It would be helpful if you could do this promptly as it saves us reminding you. All texts to us are FREE. The texts will come once a month on the last day of the month.


Some people like to write down their fishing to help them remember. Download Memory Jogger if you would like a handy form to print off. However it is not essential. We will contact you frequently so your memory of any recent fishing is fresh. If you would like us to post you the form, just email or ring 0800 672 476.


Some people will catch species they do not recognise, or they may just want to check. When we first contacted you we will have given you a pamphlet with a few images of marine species to help you. For an online copy click Download Fishing Survey Pamphlet. You can also email or ring us for another copy if you wish.

Click here to find out more about fish species

(United Fisheries website)



For the continuation survey you don't need to know too much about the areas you have fished in. Our questionnaire will ask you to select the general area you mostly fished in. We don't need to find out your exact fishing spots and certainly won't tell others about them!


Please feel free to contact us at or call 0800 672 476.